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Election Day is next week. Tens of millions of Americans have already cast their ballots in states where early voting is permitted. Tens of millions more will vote on Tuesday in their local polling place. Most years, elections just kind of happen. People vote, wait for results to be announced, celebrate or not, and go on with their lives the next day.

The 2020 election will not follow that script, and high levels of anxiety will last for a while.

No matter who wins, one third of the country will be relieved, another third enraged — more so than before Election Day — and the final third will just want it all to stop. We may not know who has won on Tuesday, or even next week. We could see a replay of the Florida election in 2000, except it may play out across multiple states. …


Bill Coletti

CEO / Founder of - Crisis Communications and Reputation Management Firm, Proud father, son, brother and friend. Native Floridian, proud 'Nole.

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