Election Day is next week. Tens of millions of Americans have already cast their ballots in states where early voting is permitted. Tens of millions more will vote on Tuesday in their local polling place. Most years, elections just kind of happen. People vote, wait for results to be announced, celebrate or not, and go on with their lives the next day.

The 2020 election will not follow that script, and high levels of anxiety will last for a while.

No matter who wins, one third of the country will be relieved, another third enraged — more so than before…

We’ve all been watching the news and seen the recent violence that has happened in D.C.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this through the frame of crisis and crisis response and what organizations should do. In fact, I was speaking about this on a panel and was joined by an intelligence analyst.

The intelligence analyst brought up a very unique point that there was a lack of imagination when it came to thinking about the risks and threats presented by those coming to D.C.

Because although this was a very serious event, there is definitely something that…

One of the things I enjoy most is sailing. I try and spend as much time as I can sailing, and it has taught me many important lessons that I frequently apply to my life and my business.

For example, think about the mast of a ship. It’s that tall spiky thing that sticks up, typically, from the centerline of the boat. This is where the sails are attached up high to propel the boat. A place where the lights are affixed so that the boat can be seen at night. …

Simulations Build Muscle Memory for Teams

Crisis simulations are a sure fire way to build “muscle memory” of response and action that can be deployed during an actual crisis impacting you or your organization. We believe simulations are one of the most effective tools in a communication team’s toolbox.

During a simulation, teams are required to respond with the speed and accuracy that they would if things truly were on fire, but they’re able to do so in a “safe” environment without the potential for negative reputational consequences.

Crafting the Perfect Crisis Simulation

Creating the perfect culinary recipe can take years. Ingredient measurements are carefully calibrated, spices are meticulously added…

We’re really excited about the launch of our new website, kith.co, which highlights exactly how we help organizations gain reputation resilience. We work with companies, associations, and other organizations to help them find that resiliency, which often begins by helping them get out of the tough situation they find themselves in.

We’re certainly here to help when a crisis happens, but that’s not all we do at Kith to protect and strengthen an organization’s reputation. We offer services that help strategic communicators grow as leaders, their teams respond better to crises and their enterprise attain reputation.

The best strategic communicators…

Take It Easy

The sun will rise tomorrow, and there will be paths forward for you and your organization.

Sometimes it’s hard to take it easy, especially when something you’re responsible for goes off the rails. But it’s critically important that you not be too hard on yourself. You will not grow as a strategic communicator if you live in a mistake. Give yourself a break.

Earlier this month, the highly regarded news anchor Chris Wallace moderated the first, and potentially only, presidential debate. …

We just finished a strategic planning session for a client virtually over Zoom. One of the things that came up during the sessions was people don’t have time to be strategic. They’re too busy and too task-focused — responding to the inputs they constantly receive. It got me thinking about strategic thinking.

I call myself a strategic communicator. It struck me that there must be something I’m doing to find time for strategic thinking.

So I want to give some tips for communications leaders, who are always being pulled in so many directions, to really think about strategic thinking.

What kind of communicator are you when the lights are bright and hot?

Obviously, humans are warm blooded as a matter of biology, so I’m really asking more about your nature as a strategic communicator. Some are warm-blooded creatures and some are cold-blooded creatures.

Warm-blooded communicators manage their metaphorical body temperature regardless of whether it’s hot or it’s calmly cool. They’re consistent, self-regulating — never too amped up and never too reserved.

Cold-blooded communicators are at their absolute best when the lights are hot and bright — like during a crisis. Cold-blooded communicators excel in the moment of a crisis…

What we’ve observed during the season of COVID is that major corporations are getting the basic blocking and tackling of traditional crisis communications right. What businesses are struggling with social risk — issues that affect specific communities at a personal and collective level.

Think about the Black Lives Matter movement and issues of systemic racism and social injustice. The LGBTQ+ community faces its own set of historical societal challenges. Issues around climate change expose divisions and differences across ethnic, social, and economic communities. We’re seeing that corporations are struggling to respond to this social risk.Last week, I spoke about purpose

The pandemic has upended so many aspects of life and commerce. Prior to this upheaval, conversations about corporate purpose were well underway. Consumers and business leaders alike were looking at where they want to fit within societal expectations. COVID-19 has brought these discussions to a crystal clear point.

The pandemic has brought “into stark relief the differences between companies that have evolved their purpose from an outdated definition of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy to a broader point of view encompassing all stakeholders and grounded in the reason why a business exists,” wrote David Armano, global strategy director for Edelman.

Bill Coletti

CEO / Founder of @Kith.co - Crisis Communications and Reputation Management Firm, Proud father, son, brother and friend. Native Floridian, proud 'Nole.

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